Daily Dance Quote

“And hand in hand, on the edge of the sand, 
They danced by the light of the moon.” 
― Edward Lear, The Owl and the Pussy Cat

Tango/Salsa/Latin - Salsarise.com
On sale from $14.99
Ballroom Mens Dance Shoes - Salsarise.com
Ballroom Mens Dance Shoes
Regular price $49.99
Ballroom Latin Ladies Shoes - Salsarise.com
Ballroom Latin Ladies Shoes
From $54.99
Ballroom Latin Ladies Dance Shoes - Salsarise.com
Ballroom Latin Ladies Dance Shoes
Regular price $46.99

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I have been salsa dancing for over 12 years and was happy to come across salsarise. I was looking for a pair of cute salsa shoes at a good price and found them here. I was also able to get some great Kizomba outfits and accessories for me and my friends. I love that its an all in one site for all things Latin Dancing. I will be a repeat customer.

Jennifer L.

This website is amazing! It has everything you could ever need for dancing in one spot, and they keep adding more things. I have the "Everybody just calm down" shirt From jewelry to cleverly worded tshirts, this website is great!

Katy R.

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These socks are so helpful for dance workshops and way more efficient than wearing regular socks. I love them so much I got six pairs! I cant wait to buy some shoes next!

Marica S.

Thank you so much for an awesome items love it and will definitely buy from here again :) ;) xoxoxoxo (O_o)