About Us

Have you struggled to find dance accessories for dancing?

As salsa dancers, we struggled to find a one-stop shop for salsa accessories to put in our closets and on ourselves. Going from one website, store, vendor, etc. just to find items we needed to express our style; we decided to collaborate and make an online store for convenience. Not only are we focused on looking good while out dancing, but also on unique fashion styles. In order to make this happen, the team thoroughly brainstormed and researched fashion, styles, uniqueness, individuality, uncommon and rare items. SALSARISE can give you all that.

The name SALSARISE originated from our love of dancing, and looking good while doing it. 'Salsa' is a type of Latin American dance music. 'Rise' means to get up from sitting, kneeling, or laying; ascending, improving. We use 'salsa and 'rise' to unify the two words creating a feeling of what "salsarise" is. Get up off your seat, and SALSARISE your life. 

We represent the salsa communities all around the world. We've mastered and danced our way through lessons, workshops, socials, festivals, and congresses. Including cities such as San Diego, Los Angeles, Saint Louis, Nashville, Memphis, Chicago, Detroit, DC, Tampa, Orlando, and other amazing places, too many to mention. We've danced in places overseas such as Thailand, United Kingdom, Italy, Spain, Dubai, France, Canada and many more.

Our point is...the salsa community is our family. No matter which city we go to, or where we go to salsa dance, we always find the warmth and passion of each committed salsera/salsero, bachatera/bachatero, kizomba and zouk dancers out on the dance floor. We love you all!

Our store was established for the salsa community, but stretches to other dance communities such as West and East Coast Swing, Ballroom, Tango, Hip Hop, Contemporary, and even Ballet. For those who love to dance! This site is for you too!

Welcome to your one-stop shop for dance accessories. Welcome to SALSARISE!

Have questions? Feel free to contact us at any time.

As we continue to improve our website, we will consistently commit to giving you the best, unique styles SALSARISE can offer.

SALSARISE your Life!